This area is best seen from above. If you are a lover of hang gliding or parapenting, you should fly over this region. But to come just for flying would be a heresy. This area needs to be explored in depth.

Curemonte Descend the mountain streams and enjoy the mythical experience of salmon fishing.. The pleasure of a stay in the Cantal: 3 million years ago this enormous volcano was subsiding.. 50 kilometers in diameter. Then came the erosion, the glaciers completed their masterly work.. Go into, the craters in search of wild sheep. Saint Etienne-Cantales has something of the feel of Canada.. explore its lake, its islands and its rivers bordered with huge forests. Rustic cows graze here. It is from their milk that the famous cheeses are made. You will be fascinated by Saler, a village with a habitat of lava, as if straight from a story. A Reservoir of oxygen, this is the Massif du Sancy with its Bourbole, a spa town since the 15th century.. the valleys are entirely unspoiled, the lakes coiled up in their crater.. Fleuron du Parc des Volcas, you will find yourself in front of the range of the Puys: 80 cone or dome-shaped craters, young volcanoes still releasing their warm water into fountains.. You will arrive at the gates of the capital Clermont-Ferrand with its cathedral in the black lava of Volvic...

Churches in the Auvergne

11th and 12th century Christianity saw the birth of the romanesque Auvergne. Go and see those churches perched on volcanic peaks, the magnificent polychrome works of art, the surprising mosaics of Mozac, the marquetry of volcanic rocks in Culhat, the beauty of the capitals, those tympanums of black lava, pink or ochre granite... See the episcopal city of Puy-en-Velais, with its mulrals, its bible richly illuminated with gold and silver. Take a detour via La Chaise Dieu, famous for its great festival, with its gothic monastery.

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