A region of rivers embanked in deep gorges, this is a tranquil land ideal for relaxation.. There are areas for all manner of excursions for trout and salmon fishing. Enjoy the site of Vassiviere with its 1000 hectare lake, its beaches and coves, its ports against backgrounds of moorlands, its heaths and forests... The ruins Curemonte of Cars remind us of the period of Roman Gaule with its relics. There is a wealth of Romanesque architecture in the form of its abbeys and churches and its houses of granite and sandstone. There are further walks in this area where Dukes of Aquitaine, having become kings of England, and Kings of France engaged in battles, leaving here their numerous fine castles. In order to find these rake the route of Richard the Lion Heart..

Important Places of Creation..

You will see, in museums all over the world, those marvelous "verdures" (tapestries of beasts and foliage) embellishing the walls. These works have been produced in Aubusson for 5 centuries. Limoges is the master of fine ceramic arts. Since the 12th century its enamels have been famous throughout Europe. They can be admired on sacred objects; the Renaissance and the Art Decoartists will perpetuate this great tradition. This is also the case for its famous porcelain whose whites are so translucent. Such artists as Dufy or Dali contributed to its prestige, with their unmistakable contemporary style... You can also admire the art nouveau in the Centers of contemporary Art in Vassiviere, Meymac and Rochechouart.

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