Fete bretonne Set off to an island and there, alone on its rock, rests Chateaubriad; with this outstanding writer you are in Brittany.. in the Golf of Saint-Malo. Rocky spurs alternate with sandy beaches and marshlands. Enter the "corsair city": Saint-Malo, an important center for cross-channel traffic, surrounded by ramparts and, at its center, a chateau. Outside the town, there are extensive beaches and modern resorts. Another very international town with its air of luxury, Dinard has made the English happy since the 19th century. Completely different, Dinan in the heart of la Rance, is itself mediavel with its paved streets its ducal chateau, and its gardens.

Coast of Pink Granite..

Distinctive and rugged numerous islands. the rocks here are pink, truly! The bay of Saint-Brieuc is one of those beaches that has been discovered by the tides; here one call experience all the pleasures of the sea. And from there you can move on to Paimpol, made famous by Pierre Loti's novel "Pecheur d'Islande". Enjoy a pleasant trip to the Isle of Brehat with its Mediterranean feel, its mimosa, its pink laurels. See Treguier, birthplace of Saint-Yves, whose cathedral is one of the finest in Brittany: its half-timbered houses are brightly painted.

There are numerous accounts of its landscape, the outstanding beauty of the region of Perros Guirec, its gigantic round stones. Set off for the islands of birds.

Le Leon

Wild... a rugged coastline from which emerge islands ravaged by storms, romantic.., The Isle of Ouessant fascinates sailors. Then there are the sheltered beaches and the villages with their outstanding heritage. In Roscoff and Saint-Pol de Leon you will find Brittany's finest sacred buildings; the old cathedral and breathtaking granite bell towers of the chapel of Kreister. Not far away, inland, is to he found the Renaissance manor of Kerjean and also Folgoet where one of Brittany's greatest religious festivals takes place. In this region you will find the finest parish territories they traditionally comprise a church, an ossuary and a Cross. The most famous are those of Guimiliau and Saint-Thegonnec, in silver-gray granite. Plage de la Baule

La Cornouaille

This is a land of tradition. Listen, here they speak a Celtic language. You will hear legends of dwarfs and giants. If you like seascapes of supreme beauty, you will be amazed by those of the cape of Raz. Opposite is the isle of Sein, so level that the waves play games, so beautiful. You are now in bigouden land probably the most typical of Brittany, with its fishing ports, is lively customs. Pont 1'Abbe is the capital, the women still wear lace head dresses. Pont Aven captivated Gauguin.. Quimper, typically breton, will take you on an exploration of le Finistere in its museum of History. The archipelago of Glenan, whose waters remind one of distant tropical beaches, is perfect for sailing and diving. Stop here at the huge fish market. In Concarneau the boat are being prepared for fishing...

The Coast of Morbihan

The coasts of the peninsula of Quiberon contrast strongly with each other; one wild, with turbulent waves, the other with long sandy beaches. From here you can set off for Belle Ile with its varied landscapes, its impressive cliffs, its beaches and grottos. You will also, as so often is the case in Brittany, see its menhirs. But it is in Carnac that you will find the most astonishing alignment of raised rocks - this site has over 5000 of them... Take a look at these long, impressive rows of stones; contemplate their mysterious arrival, the strangeness of their existence...

The other great attraction in Brittany must be the gulf of Morbihan. Sandbanks, unspoiled green islands. The tides rise and fall like the moon. In the background, the winding maze of Vannes. Vannes which was built by Caesar for maritime battles is a splendid medieval ensemble... Vieux port de La Rochelle

The Coast of Love

Its beautiful beaches make it a favorite with holidaymakers; la Baule is undoubtedly top of the list for its prestige, its immense sandy beach reputedly one of the finest in Europe, and its reputation for luxury hotels. But there are other ports; set off for Guerande, whose ramparts overlook the salty marshlands. Nor far away, la Grande Briere has taken on the immense charm of its marshland, a peaceful place at which to stop, just a few steps from the beaches!

A Summer Rendez-Vou Along the Coast of the Vendee.

The climate is excellent. It has beautiful sandy beaches. This is the coastline par excellence of family holidays, where water sports and sweet idleness complement each other perfectly..

On the isle of Noirmoutier, the mimosa flourishes, its yellow flowers against the blue sky. Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, a large seaside resort. Les Sables d'Olonne known all over the world. La Tranche sur Mer whose maritime pine forest makes it such a favorable resort for camp sites. Honfleur

Sailing in Charente

Sheltered from the storms, you are promised some great sailing escapades. In brick cabins with red tiles you will find oysters which flourish in their beds, a "strange world like a gigantic stained glass window in the bright sunshine". This is the time to treat yourself to some shellfish! Like mythical twins protecting a place, two towers looking out towards the ocean, this is La Rochelle.

Having prospered from its trade in salt an active port in the XIII century, it is also a town of Protestantism. It is famous for its sieges. That of Richelieu is the most well known. The town retains a magnificent heritage; the old port, the narrow streets lined with arched arcades, its old houses and mansions, the Place de la Grosse Horloge with its belfy; its 15th century town hall and its museums.

The Charentais Islands.. Ile de Re, pure charm, low houses in white roughcast with green blinds, hollyhock and wisteria; the perfect picture against a pure, cloudless sky of intense blue... excursions on bicycle along small tracks.. Another island, that of Oleron with its last windmills, is the island of color and fragrance in the words of Pierre Loti.. And, having returned to the coastline, set off for the estuary of la Gironde where you will receive a warm welcome at the numerous seaside resorts, including Royan. You are now on the "coast of beauty" with its capes, its chalky cliffs fashioned by the sea, its sandy bays surrounded by pine forests... You will be captivated by the charm of Talmont; this church which seems almost to be balancing on its white cliff, immediately above the sea, is a jewel of the Romanesque art of this region...

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