Mont Saint-Michel The Pays de Caux offers a unique spectacle that of the tall white cliffs projecting into the sea, the wild sea has fashioned the chalk into gigantic bridges, leaving a solitary and immense needle standing there... if you take the routes of the tidesmen, sometimes steep, you will reach the shore, in all its immensity.

Cote d'Albatre with its creeks, the charm of Etretat, Fecamp and its 11th century monastery. Dieppe the oldest seaside resort in France with its shingle beaches and its fish restaurants.

Another town, another port; le Havre with its busy trade, an impressive round of huge vessels about to sail...

Now the coasts have more feminine names, grace (grace), fleurie (blossom), nacre (mother of pearl).. On the cote de Grace you will find Honfleur with its old port and its medieval ambiance; its church is like its old boats, all in wood, and in its water, the reflection of the blue slates of its old houses, along the quays the soul of Corot, Utrillo, Braque and Monet who immortalized it. The cote Fleurie has numerous resorts; Houlgate, Cabourg and Trouville, charming places with beautiful beaches.

Its "Planches", its casinos, its racecourses and its vast marina have all made it famous. You will love Deauville in all its elegance... The cote de Nacre is perfect for bathing and Falais d'Etretat for those who love shellfish but it is most famous for the part it played in the Liberation of Europe in 1944. This was where the Landing took place on the 6th June and the beaches were given names which still echo the courage of these men.. Sword, Juno, Omaha, Utah Beach. Visit the museum of Arromanches, where the artificial British port, Mulberry B, was set up... emotions are heightened as you pass by the Memorials spread all along the coastline.

Before leaving this region, take a trip to Bayeux with its wealth of treasure. The famous "tapestry" of queen Mathilde. 70 meters long, a whole epic is recounted in the accurate stitches of the colored thread. Its presentation makes exciting reading. Set off to see the 8th wonder of the world: Mont-Saint-Michel. In the midst of the sea stripped by the tides, an immense bay of golden sand reveals a small island of granite. A thrilling and colorful spectacle dating back to the beginning of time.. From the year 708 in the fervour of Christianity, numerous buildings were constructed here.

Allow yourself to be captivated by the Marvel: this prestigious set of gothic buildings is a combination of sacred and military buildings which co-exist in perfect harmony.. Admire its wealth of medieval constructions clinging to the rock. Climb to the summit and, once there, in the silence of winter, watch the tide come in; on a windy day, it rises like a galloping horse...

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