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Le Morvan, a Natural Heart

Situated in Burgundy with its 90,000 hectares of woods, its springs, its cascading rivers, its imposing and majestic lakes, ancient legends inscribed in the granite of its mountains, here you are in a Celtic land.

The Wild Boar of the Ardennes

The Ardennes is a land of ramparts, of fortified castles (Sedan and Givet), of fortified dwellings. An immense forest with vast rivers, its landscapes are awe-inspiring. Montherme is the starting point to this paradise for fishermen and walkers. Visit Charleville-Mezieres for its magnificent Louis XIII architecture.. Place Ducale, and especially to rediscover that influential poet, Arthur Rimbaud.

Travelling through the Vosges...

Chateau Chalon In the wake of the Palatinate, you will encounter rocks in the form of ruins, pink and ocre stone interlaced with the green of fir trees, slopes along which are perched medieval ruins...To the south of Bruche, is the superb Champ du Feu..Sainte-Marie aux Mines. Make you way now towards the famous "ballons", old granitic mountains. There is something wild about this place...

Forests. lakes, cirques. Absorb the fragrance of the spruce, of the dry needles, the fig trees reaching into the sky.. the lake of Gerardmer: in summer you can bathe in its freshness and purity and in the winter you can skate on it.

The Vosges form a vast border. Historically with its former battlefields it was the stage of the first world war. Nowadays, all is serene, it is a haven of nature for walkers... Follow the Route des Cretes, a superb route for walkers in the summer and for cross-country skiing in the winter.

Then there is the Route Joffre.. Masevaux, Col de la Schlucht, le Hohnick, le Linge..

A succession of splendid panoramic views, the very essence of nature and in its old summer farms, you will receive a warm welcome.
Hospices de Beaune

Gliding through the Jura

Water everywhere, the lakes of the Haute Saone, the silence of the lakes of Saint Point, Chalain. Vouglans, the Herisson waterfall, the rush of streams and the calm banks of a cool river where you can just allow time to pass by... Fishing and canoeing are a must here. The water has worked its way underground, the grottos of Planches en Arbois, of Moidons of Baume-les-Messieurs; Poudrey, the impressive cave; breathtaking chasms...Here you will find several kilometers of signposted routes for cross-country skiing: the Grande Traversee of the Jura, the Rousses from where downhill glide into Switzerland, Metabief where downhill and cross-country skiing can be practised over vast areas.

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