Kings' Palaces, Parks and Forests

Chateau de Versailles Chateau de VFontinebleau Versailles: royal symbol, home to the kings of France from the reign of Louis XIV to that of Louis XVI. Its Galerie des Glaces, the appartment and chamber of the king. The Orangery and its border framed by the one hundred steps of pink marble.

The magic of the fountains with the Royal walk, the basins of Apollon, and of Neptune. The great marble Trianon like an Italian style palace..., Fontainebleau, built by Francois I, a fine range of buildings in complete harmony with their surroundings. "This is the true home of kings. the house of centuries", said Napoleon.

Compiegne surrounding the medieval chateau of Charles V. Designed as a summer palace for Louis XV, this was the favorite residence of Louis XVI and Napoleon III.

Chantilly a small 16th century chateau and a large 19th century chateau, whose paintings by Raphael, de Vinci and Delacroix and especially the magnificent collection of manuscripts and illuminated designs (including the "Tres Riches Heures" of the duke of Berry), are an invaluable part of the this country's heritage. Chateau de Chantilly

Vincennes, at the gates of Paris, born of the French kings' passion for hunting; the functional mass of its fortified castle and the classicism of its main courtyard. Its dungeon had some famous prisoners: Diderot, Sade,Mirabeau...

Rambouillet, Napoleon's study, superb woodwork, a former hall opening onto the gardens, a marble room with decor from the Renaissance period, nowadays still used as a residence for the presidents of the Republic. Vaux-le-Vicomte

...and Rich Dwellings

Visit Champs, Guermantes (which inspired Proust) and Ferriere: marvelous residences in the Valley of the Marne. Vaux-le-Vicomte, a superb 17th century chateau built on the orders of Fouquet, which inspired an envious Louis XVI to build Versailles. The chateau of Sceaux with its admirable park, houses the museum of the Ile de France. Do not forget to visit the chateau of Pierrefonds, a spectacular example of military architecture at the end of the Middle Ages and of the wild romanticism of Napoleon III, Also not to be missed, the Chateau de Conde-en-Brie...

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