Pont Alexandre III

2000 years ago it was called Lutece. In 508 Clovis made it the capital-city of his kingdom.. there then came a succession of sovereigns whose reigns left their mark in a superb fashion, bringing. As for its prestige, the city also owes this to people of Paris; Pont Alexandre III it will make a great story and its symbolic places will stand out as landmarks of your holiday. The Ile de France, in all its beauty, persists in its creation of our modernity. The North, where English, Dutch, Flemish and Spanish influences have left their mark on its architecture, its windmills, and even its folklore. Gentle Picardy with its impressive succession of writers... Jules Verne in the north and, in the south, Alexander Dumas, Racine and La Fontaine whose fables are recited by children all over the world, and its north wind in the light of the Baie de la Somme blowing towards the English Channel thousands of birds, invisible elsewhere !

Paris; Travel Back In Time Via Its Monuments...
Kings Palaces, park forests and rich dwellings
The Province of Painters and Museums of Modern Art
From the Great Factories to the Museums of Industries
Heading North,

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