The main feature of being French is more related to being Mediterranean, spontaneous, temperamental and loud. At the same time, they are heirs to the Cartesian tradition of logic.

There are many ways French think and act differently from northern European cultures. They are closer to Spanish and Italian culture than their northern neighbors.

The French pay a great attention to eating, drinking, discussing, dressing, shopping and socially contacting other people in their daily life. The famous French cuisine, fashion and stylish presentation on various occasions are clear indications of this character. The Museum

The well preserved cities of France tell us more about their understanding and respect to their history and culture. French villages, towns and cities are quietly attractive and historic. Old buildings are always protected against architecturally unmatched modern buildings. The modern looking buildings are forced to stay in the outskirts of the cities.

They are aware of the importance of philosophy in the social life of the nations. France is a very productive environment for arts, literature and philosophy since the Renaissance. They always accommodated many talented artists and creative people even from the foreign countries and cultures.

Paris has been the cultural center of the Europe for many centuries.

France is usually a welcoming country. They are also formal, but the people especially outside Paris are very friendly and helpful.

There is great tolerance to the other cultures. The southern France has been effected by the Islamic culture extensively. This has obviously been reflected to the response and reaction of the people in this part of the France.

Most of the French are proud of their national heritage. Some of them express this feeling in a chauvinistic way. This attitude became more apparent during the recession years, especially when the unemployment level reached to 12%.

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