In 1642 Blaise Pascal created a mechanical calculator.

The science and art started to flourish in France during La Belle Epoque.

Louis Daguerre found in 1839 that silver iodide was the key ingredient for a practical method of making photographs. Lumiere brothers exploited the technology of moving pictures by making the first movie in 1895.

Tour Eiffel Gustave Eiffel designed this famous iron tower for a competition in 1886.

Louis Pasteur invented the pasteurization process and rabies vaccine. Her genius work on Radium brought her Nobel prizes in physics and chemistry.

France claims a persistent fourth position in Nobel Prizes in the physical sciences, behind the US, England and Germany.

Since de Gaulle France is a very ambitious and modern country. He concluded with a great confidence that France should become a nuclear power and should have an independent space program. This has been achieved with great success since then. France has been using Mururoa Atoll in the Pacific for its own nuclear bomb tests. The final decision to resume the tests by the newly elected president Chirac attracted a large criticism and protests from all around the world.

After the oil crisis in 1973, France also initiated a strong nuclear energy program under which 55 reactors have been built. France ranks only second to the USA on the nuclear power generation program. A French-modified version of American reactors are used. The generated power is also sold to Germany, Netherlands, Italy and England. A new partnership program is under way between France, Italy and Germany to develop a new fast-breeder reactor technology.

France will be the first country to have a fully digital telecommunications network by 1996.

"Minitel" computer screens installed throughout France informs its citizens about consumer goods, plane reservations, TV programs, telephone directory services and various other digital information.

TGV Trains Telecard is another French invention...

The world's fastest in-service passenger trains that reach up to 250 kms an hour speed operate between Lyon and Paris.

A space program in partnership with other European countries launches commercial payloads into the earth's orbit regularly.

Currently, 18% of the world airliner market was secured by Airbus Industries which is a partnership between France, England, Germany and Spain.

Finally, the tunnel under the English Channel which was completed by two countries; England and France became the realization of a centuries old dream.

France manufactures all its military hardware and sells a large amount of this hardware to third world countries. Recent statistics indicate France as the single largest military hardware supplier to these countries.

Automotive and telecommunications industry are two major foreign currency earners. The famous computer language Ada and radar system ROMEO are among the successful French creations in high technology fields.

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