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Gümüslük, situated on the most south-western corner of Turkey, is one of the oldest settlements on the Bodrum peninsula. Most of the village is a designated archaeological area, prohibiting ground-breakings and landscape alterations, designed to protect the ancient city of Myndos. This status makes that Gümüşlük, in the midst of a region of steadfast increasing touristic activity, still retains its authentic small scale character and unspoilt natural beauty in a traditionally unchanged environment.

Its location in and near great civilisations of ancient history serves as a strong attractive force for those in search of traces and clues to our past.

The church, in its setting as a historical, cultural and spiritual space, works as a great source of inspiring and stimulating energy, and it is this unique capacity that can largely contribute to the creative process of the artist in residence.

Each artist residency will include an exhibition. In return, the visiting artists will be invited to donate one of their new works. By conservating the works of residents, Eklisia will collate an original archive, serving the purpose of representing each artist's relation to local cultural and historical interest in juxtaposition with their background and creativity in contemporary art.

Please contact us: P.K.7 Gumusluk,
Bodrum Turkey
Tel : 90-252-394 3648
E-mail : Eklisia@service.raksnet.com.tr

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