Nasser wells The oasis, a depression in the desert comprising springs, wells and trees, reflects the beauty, charm and diversity of nature; its surrounding desert ... green valleys ... water wells ... high plateaus ... therapeutic sulphur-rich springs.

In Egypt, there are not a few oases in the Western Desert. The most signifant are Fayyum, Kharga, Dakhla, Paris, Farafrah, Bahereya, Siwa and the Qattara Depression.

The oases are famed for their numerous mineral and sulphur-rich springs, distinguished by their unique chemical composition which places them at the highest level world-wide. In addition, the silt contained in these wells has numerous curative properties for the treatment of bone, stomach, chest and skin ailments. Most of the wells are found in the Fayyum, Kharga, Dakhla, Farafrah, Bahereya and Siwa oases as well as in the Qattara Depression.

The network of roads linking the oases has attracted the cross-country tourist to drive from Cairo to Bahereya and from there to Farafrah and then Dakhla, onwards to Kharga and Assyut and back to Cairo, all the while enjoying the beautiful scenery for which the oases are famed.