When the biting winter cold sets in, the shores of Egypt, stretching unpolluted for miles and miles, bask in the armth of the sun that has deserted other shores to shine only here honouring, it seems, the ancient days when the sun was an Egyptian deity.

beaches of Alexandria Despite the passage of time, the sun still remains friendly to Egypt, and invites you to enjoy a winter warmth away from the bitter snowy cold, and a pleasant summer breeze far from the oppressive midday heat.

Egypt, a world renowned winter resort, has beautiful and numerous beaches. Its northern coast from Sallum to Rafah is 1181 km. long; its eastern coastline, from Suez to Halayeb, is some 1085 km. long; while the shores on the Gulfs of Suez and Aqaba teem with the most exquisite beaches, spectacular coral reefs and large varieties of coloured fish, rarely found elsewhere.

Anyone who has seen but a part, must return many times to feast his or her eyes and fill the heart with these attractive images that will forever remain stamped in the memory, as if one were viewing the most exquisite paintings on earth.

Once again, in the name of the sun, Egypt invites everyone to share this unique experience. We emphatically declare that you will have no regrets but will go back many, many times.