During the Iron Age three civilizations, Lydia, Karia and Lycia lived in the western provinces of Anatolia. All three societies spoke different dialects of an Indo-European language. Lydian and Lykian languages carried certain elements from other languages of pre-Hittite period Anatolian societies. We do not know much about the language of Karians. They all used similar alphabets to the one used by Hellens.

Famous historian Heredot described the Karians as Lelegs as told by a legend from Crete. Lelegs were described as the people living in the islands during the Minos Kingdom (2500 B.C.). But thisinformation was rejected by Karians themselves. They claimed tobe the native people of Anatolia.

All three civilizations are known to be effected by Hellenistic culture. Lycians are the most original one of these three with rock carved tombs and monuments.

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