Frygians migrated from the Balkans in 1200 B.C. but established their first political entity as a state in 750 B.C. Although they belong to an Indo-European family of tribes, during the time following their settlement in western Anatolia they were neutralized by the local cultures and became more Anatolian than their original past. They were influenced by the late Hittite principalities and Hellenic tribes. But on the other hand, especially during and after Midas, the great king of Frygia, Frygians reached a high level of civilization by creating a great art tradition, mainly with metal and wood embroidery, weaving and also music. This tradition of novel Frygian art created a deep admiration in Hellenistic societies.

By 750 B.C. the Frygians were controlling all over western and southeastern regions of Anatolia politically, as a strong kingdom.

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