The Troia-VI civilization took part in the history at the same time as the Great Hittite Kingdom. They established their kingdom on the ruins of Troia-V near Canakkale in the northwest region of Anatolia.

Troians are thought to be relatives of Mykens from Crete. Their settlement was mentioned in Iliad, epic poem of Homeros as the city of Ilion. This fascinating city is situated to the south of the strait of the Dardenelles.

The walls and megarons (a building type widely used during Bronze Age) of the city are well preserved and accepted to be one of the most interesting archeological sites in Turkey today.

The Istanbul Archeology Museum keeps various ceramic artefacts from this spectacular age of Troia. The city kingdom was abondened and lost its importance after a flood of Indo-European tribes from the Balkans to the region. Also, at around 1200 B.C. a major earthquake devastated the city.

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