TROIA-II SETTLEMENT ( 2500 - 2000 B.C.)

Other than the Hatti civilization, we know of a second important settlement in Anatolia during the Middle Bronze Age; Troia-II around the city of Canakkale. Troia-II was setup on the ruins of Troia-I after a long period of time. The people of the city were mainly from the Balkans and the Aegean regions. Some walls of the city are still standing in a well preserved state.

The first excavations were done by a German businessman Mr Heinrich Schliemann in 1870, after he imagined the whereabouts of the city from his readings of Homeros' epic poem. He found the hidden treasures of the city and took them to Germany. Unfortunately, these priceless items were last seen at the Berlin Museum before the Second World War. They dissappeared after the war. Another unfortunate incident, related to the fate of the city is the extensive damage done toTroia-II during the unscientific excavation done by Mr Schliemann (known to be a fortune hunter).

A few items are on exhibition at the Istanbul Archeology Museum today.

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