BRONZE AGE (3000-1200 B.C.)

Bronze became the main substance for most of the tools during this age. Troia-I (3000-2500 B.C.) became the most advanced of all the other Anatolian settlements but remained behind in development to Egypt and Mesopotamia. Both of these later ones started to use writing (4000 B.C.) during this period.

However, Hatti civilization in southeast Anatolia and Troia-II civilization in northwest Anatolia (2500-2000 B.C.) lived a very bright period, although writing was not yet used .

One of the most important inventions of this age was the pottery wheel.

There are various types of artefacts, mainly painted and also etched household items such as earthenware jugs, pots, cups and vases from this age, exhibited in the museums of Turkey.

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