NEOLITHIC AGE ( 9000 - 5000 B.C.)

Although the humankind had reached its present day physical abilities about 40,000 years ago, it is widely accepted that it attained a civilized form only 12,000 years ago. The civilization process began with humans settling on the land. This created the opportunity of developing agriculture, animal herding and a form of education that was passed on from one generation to another.

Two of the most advanced and earliest settlements are known to be at Hacilar and Catalhoyuk (7000-6000 BC) near the city of Konya in Central Anatolia.

The people of these two settlements lived in proper sun-dried brick houses with colorful drawings on the interior walls representing their environments and the livestock which they depend on heavily.

They are known to have grown vegetables, fruit and maintained farm animals such as goat and sheep, as well as dogs to protect their houses.

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