Golden object In building "A ", where the the excavations are still in progress, around 3000 tablets and tablet fragments have been found in a Hittite cuneiform archive. These tablets and tablet fragments Arrowhead have been uncovered in a deposition layer of upper storey ruins. There are three seperate archive locations in this monumental building .

Jug These tablets include various topics such as religious, political, military, administrative , and fortune-telling matters. The archive mainly consists of letters. There are texts written in Hurrian, Hitto-Hurrian and Akkadian as well as in Hittite . After a close examination of the archive, it has been understood, besides the identification of Shapinuwa with Ortakoy, that Ortakoy had been a residential town for the great Hittite king, had been an administrative, political, military and religious center, had had a close contact with Hattusas, and had had a number of cities in its administrative boundaries.

Strainer lid Obsidian decorationIn Ortakoy excavations, in addition to this important archive, there have been carefully manufactured dark gray, buff and terracotta coloured, well-polished and well-fired common ware, as well as mostly buff and terracotta coloured, slipped ritual vessels. Among those are; plates, hydria, jugs, juglets, and pithoi. Although not too many in number, there are metal objects which can be considered as fine examples of the Hittite era, such as arrowheads, bronze axe and dagger. Among the golden pieces is a golden object with palmette motif, which gives valuable clues for the relations between Anatolia and Egypt. Another important group of finds are the triangular objects which are thought to be used at rituals. Especially the one made out of obsidian is very striking. Moreover, there are seal impressions in the Hittite hieroglyph.

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