Shapinuwa from air At Shapinuwa, an important structure was uncovered with the excavations which began in 1990. The building lies at a dominant point on the plateau, and has a location with an impressive view.

This monumental building has a symmetrical plan. In the present ground level, limestone and sandstone blocks have been used at the base of the structure, underneath the mud-brick superstructure. These blocks seem to have been arranged in a Cyclopian order. A great care and skill are clearly visible at the joints between the blocks. The height of the foundation reaches some 2 metres above the ground, and the width is about 2 metres.

Concluding from this wide foundation and scattering of mud-bricks some 10 metres away from the building, we may assume that the building was originally at least two-storeys high.

A Hittite wall The building has witnessed a fire and therefore, has been destroyed. Due to agricultural activities, mud-bricks that should have been laid on the foundation have been greatly destroyed. It was also used as a cemetery in the Roman times.

This 3500 years old building which is an engineering and architectural wonder covers an area of 100x25 sq.m., and the excavations are still being carried out.

Whatever purpose the building "A " serves, whether it be administrative or religious, it has definitely a considerable importance for Ortakoy - Shapinuwa with its unique architecture, small finds, and tablet archive.

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