Shapinuwa site The Hittites have a prominent place in the history of Anatolia. They are the first people who established a political unity in Anatolia, and are one of the most important nations at their times . The scarcity of information about them and their sophisticated civilization have always been the center of interest. Although previously we were being informed with the excavations at the Hittite centers, such as Bogazkoy and Masathoyuk, today Ortakoy excavations is supplying extremely important data to the archaeological world.

Building A The architectural materials, excellent construction technique, the symmetrical ground plan, and the valuable cuneiform archive found until now at Ortakoy - Shapinuwa excavations shed light to many unknowns of thousands of years ago. At Ortakoy archive, place and personal names appear very frequently. The newly discovered geographical names are of a nature that will clarify many of the controversial topics on the geography of Anatolia at the Hittite era.

Shapinuwa had been localized in the past to the southeast of Bogazkoy by the scientists with the notion that it should be close to the Hurri region. However, the identification of Shapinuwa with Ortakoy have shifted many of the city names to the northeast of' Anatolia.

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