Ozderesi valley

Shapinuwa from balloon Ortakoy Hittite City is a flat and extensive settlement situated on the plateau, stretching as terraces on the northern slopes of the Valley of Ozderesi, a tributary of the Cekerek River. The Hittites did not settle on the mounds where the local people of the region had been living, but created a city on a large, flat land which is 3 kms. in the east-west direction and 2.5 kms. in the north-south direction.

The strategic location of Shapinuwa is very important. The mountains surrounding the city, the plateau ascending in terraces on the Amasya Plain, and the fortification facilities starting as far as 5 kms. enable the city to be easily defendable. Since the city has a key location in between Alaca and Amasya plains, as long as the city, which is two-days distance from Hattusas, stands still, the roads to Bogazkoy - Hattusas are under control. As well as there are traces of military and religious architecture of the upper city on the hills to the west, the need for water and timber were being supplied from these hills.

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