Anzac Legend

The Australian Press during the Gallipoli Campaign

The following extracts from the Melbourne paper "The Argus", on Tuesday 22nd June 1915 were collected from the Parliamentary Library service by Keith Remington M.L.A. (Member of Legislative Assembly) in 1987 and included in his letter to Mr. Ramazan Altintas to thank him for his great efforts for the organization of the luncheon to commemorate 72nd anniversary of Anzac Day in Melbourne.

"Turks Fight Fairly -

It is stated in messages from Cairo that the majority of wounded who have arrived there deny the stories of Turkish attrocities. They state that the Turks are fighting most fairly. In one case, a Turk dressed the wounds of a British soldier under fire. Another left his water bottle with a wounded Australian. An Australian who was taken prisoner but subsequently escaped stated he was very well treated.

Other sections in the papers refer to the fact that both sides had an amnesty to enable a number of dead Turkish soldiers to be buried under the red crescent flag of their nation."

The Argus on Saturday 1st May 1915 referred to the fact that some 8000 Turkish soldiers including German officers had been taken prisoners when the allies deceived the enemy by sending ashore 100 donkeys laden with mock baggage as a ruse. They landed at a spot away from the real landing place which landed our troops. On the following May 3rd the same paper carried had fallen from some 8000 prisoners to 607. It seems that the press, even in those days, had difficulties in always getting their stories accurate.

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