Anzac Legend

Anniversaries of Anzac Day

Each year Australia commemorates the anniversary of Anzac Day on the 25th of April as the day when Anzacs landed into the beaches of Gallipoli. The courage, honesty, endurance, resourcefulness and loyalty of Anzacs became an inspiration to this young nation.

Australians commemorate this day in Australia and overseas mainly at Anzac Cove (Gallipoli- Turkey -) each year with great proud and respect to his great sons of Anzacs. They recall that from the deeds and sacrifices of the Anzacs at Gallipoli there emerged a powerful sense of Australian identity.

In fact, the young Turkish soldiers on one side and the young Australian soldiers on the other, were both innocent victims of cruel and imperialist policies of the major super powers of the time. All the wars are unjustifiable and evil. But this one was also an unofficial announcement of the birth of two nations: Australians from a British colony and Turks from a collapsing Ottoman Empire.

Let us hope that the nations of the earth are emerging from the self-destructive practices of enmity and will build, in sunlight, a world of peace.

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