The Temples of Priene

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The oldest and the most important building in the city, the temple of Athena was built at the highest spot in the city, 97m. from the sea level. The temple was built in the 4th century B.C. with a major assistance by Alexander the Great. The Carian architect Pytheos, who also built the mausoleum in Halikarnassos which was one of the seven wonders of the world, designed and built the temple.

The temple is obviously one of the most important Ionian architectural examples in Anatolia. The building was consisting of 6 x 11 columns in the Ionian style. The whole building area was 38 m. long and20 m. wide. Local Mykale marble was used for the construction. Blue and red colour was used extensively for decorational purposes.

Temple is open to the east like most of the other temples of this age. An altar (flat-topped platform for sacrificial offerings) was standing opposite the pronaos (entrance section to the cella) from where you enter the temple. A cella (main room) where they keep the statue of Athena was inside the main building. They used to keep the treasures of the temple in the west end of the building.

The temple was devastated by earthquakes.

TheTemples of Priene


The temple was to the east of the agora and the entrance was in the east. The base of the cult statue in the cella was wide enough to accomodate two statues.

Most probably they used to worship two gods in this temple; Zeus and Hera. It was built between 2nd and 3rd century B.C.

The base structure of the columns are identical to the ones in the Artemis temple. The foundations are the only remnants of the temple today. There is a Byzantine castle to the east of the temple.

TheTemples of Priene


The temple was built for Kybele, great goddess of Anatolia.

Usually poor people worshiped here. It was not under the official protection of rulers of the city of Priene.

Two little statues representing Kybele cult, Kybele and holy animal Lion, were found here.

TheTemples of Priene


One of the oldest temples in the city of Priene, dedicated to the goddeses of fertility, Demeter and Kore (Persefone). The symbol of these goddesses, a bunch of wheat are seen on the coins of Priene.

The entrance to the 45 m long and 18 m wide temple was directed to the east. A statue which belongs to nun Timonassa was standing in front of the entry to the temple, is on exhibition at Berlin Museum now.

TheTemples of Priene


The temple which is 47m. long and 31 m. wide was standing on the east side of the city of Priene.

It was built for the Egyptian businessman to worship their gods while they were visiting the Priene. The temple was believed to be dedicated to Isis, Serapis and Anubis. It was mainly an altar (place where sacrifices were offered to the gods).

The temple represents a good quality Hellenistic architectural design.

The Temples of Priene


This temple was located inside the acropolis on the southern part. It was covering only an area of 60 msqr. The whole structure was dig into the rocks and connected to the city via the rock stairs between acropolis and Priene.

There used to be statues inside the temple.

The Temples of Priene

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