The Gymnasiums (Priene)

The Upper Gymnasium

The Lower Gymnasium


This gymnasium was built in the 4th century B.C. During the Roman age the original structure was changed quite substantially. We do not have any information about the original Hellenistic form.

It was mainly used for training purposes. During the Roman age the gymnasium was surrounded by new buildings.

The Gymnasiums (Priene)


It is located to the south of Priene. It is in a better preserved shape than the upper gymnasium. The main structure is surrounded by a Doric style stoa with the open area in the middle. The northern side is the best preserved.

There are five classrooms to the south of the sports area. They used to teach boxing, wrestling and similiar sports as well as theology in one of these classes. There used to be bathrooms in the gymnasium.

The Gymnasiums (Priene)

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