This mosque was built by Ilyas Bey (a Seljuk ruler from Mentese) in 1404 A.D. It is a square building of 18.30 m. on each side. This was a mosque and a theological school complex with a library, a dormitory, a training hall and a bath inside.

There are four windows in the Mecca direction. The inside and outside walls are covered with marble. The stone and marble workmanship is spectacular. Its marble prayer niche is a rare item and definitely worth to see. The sections consisting of marvellous plant motives done with relief technique, decorating the doors and the windows next to the doors, have been damaged but still visible.

The marble window meshes and the geometrical motives of coloured marbles above the door and the windows are unique in quality and detail.

There are grave stones in the inner and outer courtyards.

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