The biggest thermal complex in Miletus. It is only 150 m away from the theatre to the south. The main bath area is 2 m below the ground level. It was built by Faustina, Emperor Marcus Aurelius' wife in the 2nd century B.C. There is a gymnasium as an integral part of the bath complex.

It is clearly a typical Roman bath. There were three sections in the bath : tepidarium (warm bath), frigidarium (cold bath) and caldarium (hot bath). There was a swimming pool inside the frigidarium. After taking the bath, one could reach to sudatorium (sauna or steam room).

There exists a big courtyard with palaestra (colonades around) and dressing rooms in which a statue of Apollon stood.

The statues of Lyrile, Apollon and the armoured torsos excavated from the hall are now in Berlin. The statues of Muses and the statue of Aphrodite are in the Istanbul Archaelogy Museum now.

The bath does not match to the original plans of Miletus, drawn by famous architect Hippodamos. The structure was renovated and reopened during Anastasius era (early Byzantine Empire 491 -518 A.D.)

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