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undefinedThe first Christian church ever built for Virgin Mary is located in Ephesus. The first Christian Council meeting about the role of Virgin Mary in Christianity was held in this building in 431 A.D.

The building is located right next to the Harbor Baths. The Virgin Mary church was built in the place of Museion. This building was used as a medical academy for a long time. During the 4th century it was converted into the church and given the name of Virgin Mary during the following years. The conversion was made loyal to the original architectural style of the building.

Emperor Justinian made major modifications and also renovated the church. During the 10th century a small chapel was added to the south end of the building.

The discussions about the identity of Virgin Mary either as "the mother of God Christ" or "the mother of human Christ" were held during the Council meetings in 431 and a second one in the following years. The meetings could not resolve the discussions with a general agreement either way. Instead, they only agreed on the fact that Virgin Mary came to Ephesus with St.John after Jesus was crucified , lived for a while then died and buried in Ephesus.