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St. JOHN CHURCH (Ephesus)

undefined St.John came to Ephesus with Virgin Mary after the apostles were thrown out of Jerusalem. He continued to spread the Christianity after St.Paul was killed in Rome. Most of his life he lived in and around the Ephesus. After he died, he was buried on the Ayasuluk hill. During the following years, the Christians built a monument on his grave.

A church was built around this monument in the 4th century. The emperor Justinian (527 - 565) built a domed basilica on the remains of this church. The basilica was in the cross shape. The entrance was through an atrium (courtyard), facing the west direction. The St.John's grave was under the central dome.

The St. John Church became one of the most sacred Christian pilgrimage places throughout the middle ages.

The excavations and restorations still continue. The frescos representing 'Saints' from the 10th century have been revealed recently.