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The 600m. long and 11 m. wide road between the Theater and the Harbor was first built during the Hellenistic Ages. The final shape to this ceremonial road was given by Roman Emperor Arcadius in the 1st century B.C. The road was used as the main access way to the city either from the harbor side or from the Anatolian side.

It was also used for ceremonial reasons. There used to be a monumental gate on the Theater side and one on the Harbor side. These gates were totally destroyed throughout the ages.

The north of the road was allocated for sports activities and the south for commercial. There was a stoa between the road and these shops on the south. During the following centuries as the harbor was filled up, initially the harbor then the Arcadian Way lost all of its importance.

In the inscriptions found around the road, written during the Arcadius reign, we learn this road leading to the harbor was lighted during the Roman Ages. Also there were information on these inscriptions about the rates charged for various civil matters, such as; selling commodities, births, weddings and even being champion in the races.