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undefined After Domitian temple, the hadrianus temple is the second one dedicated to a Roman emperor. It was built in 138 A.D. by a citizen of Ephesus, P.Quintilius, and dedicated to the emperor of Roma.

It is located in central city, on the Curettes Road. The main section of the temple, nao, which was the main room to keep the cult of the temple was a small room made up of small stones. The nao was entered through a very big entrance door. The beams of this door was decorated with the figures of pearls and eggs in a very rich fashion.


The elegant workmanship of the front wall and the entry to the temple in between the columns were the most spectacular parts of the building. The outer front section of the temple was hold by four columns. Two round ones in the center were supporting the arch with a statue of "Tyche" (the goddess of the city) in the upper middle section. The outer columns were square shaped.


undefined The Hadrianus temple has been renovated recently. The figures representing the foundation of the city by legendary King Androclos and also the other important goddesses and gods as well as some legendary tales on the inner stone walls of the entry section are replicas of the originals which are on exhibition in the Ephesus Museum.

There used to be bronze statues of the four Roman Emperors, Diocletianus, Maximianus, Galerius and Chlorus standing right in front of the temple on the square shaped 1.5 m. high columns with pedestals.

Especially, the front section of the temple is still considered to be one of the most elegant buildings in the city.