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THE ODEION (Ephesus)

undefined The small theater known as Odeion was built as a political meeting place (bouleuterion) initially. A wealthy family of Ephesus financed the building. There were seats for 1400 people in the form of 23 tiered rows in a semi-circular shape.

There was a two storey stage facing the seats with a podium in the front and a semi-circular space for the orchestra. The whole structure is believed to be covered with a roof.

During its life time the building was used more often for concerts and art events. That is why it was called Odeion instead of Bouleuterion.

There was a gallery between the stage and the entrance. Most of this gallery has been restored recently.

There are five entrances to the podium. The one on the middle is higher and larger than the others.

There is a marble road in front of the Odeion which continues along the State Agora on the mountain side.